Everybody has a right to discover literature and to create stories, irrespective of their socio-economic or cultural background, gender, sexual preference, or mental and physical abilities. Yet not all of us have an equal opportunity to do so.


Every Story Matters wants to encourage the creation of more inclusive books for children and young adults and to give book professionals the tools and the strategies needed to become more inclusive and make diversity mainstream.


We originally had a B2B event planned at the Bologna Book Fair. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see each other there, so now it’s time for our PLAN B2B! ;) 

On this online B2B section of our website, we will collect 1-minute video pitches & text material from sellers pitching their inclusive books for children & young adults, and 1-minute profile videos & texts from publishers looking for inclusive titles they’d like to acquire. 

We’ll add categories so that finding the right partner for you will be easy! You will receive more detailed information when you decide to take part.

If you’d like to take part and discover other publishers that care about inclusivity, let us know at on June 24th at the latest.

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