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Book cover with an illustration of four kids from different ethnicities and one little baby.

Butterflies in Your Belly. Where Do Babies Come From?


Country: Belgium

Original title: Kriebels in je buik. Waar komen baby’s vandaan?

Original language: Dutch


Age group: 0 - 7

Categories: Illustration

Inclusive towards: Sexuality, gender


Author-illustrator: Pauline Oud


Number of pages: 40

Format (in mm): 250 x 260


Info on rights holder: Clavis,

Rights sold: Danish, Taiwanese, Russian, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Thai, German.

You can request a full PDF and English translation for evaluation by contacting or you can view a sample here

Clavis Publishing has been one of the leading publishing groups of children's and juvenile books in Belgium, the Netherlands and the US for over 40 years now. We have a long and trusted reputation with publishers in over 30 language markets and are known for our high quality co-editions; rights for books, personalized publications and B2B specials. 


Our motto at Clavis Publishing is "we make children's dreams come true!". We believe that our books stimulate the imagination and dreams of the future generations. If children can realize their dreams, they will build a better world and a better future. We're convinced that the world of tomorrow will resemble the dreams of today's children! 


Full book cover with an illustration of four kids from different ethnicities and one little baby_s vandaan CV.jpg


Butterflies in your belly
Children also often have butterflies in their belly. When they get to know their own body, when they first fall in love, or when they discover intimacy and sexuality. That’s very natural.

Butterflies in your belly makes all these steps discussable, with tailor-made books for different ages. Children grow up, and Butterflies in your belly grows with them. What a nice feeling.

A transparent and interactive first introduction to the body, babies
Noah is going to be a big sister. There’s a baby in Mom’s belly. But how does the baby come out of Mom’s belly? How does the baby grow? When will the baby come out of Mom’s belly? And how? All the questions children have are being answered, using short, recognizable situations and interesting facts.and reproduction. The first sex education for children ages 3 and up.


Info on the author-illustrator:

Pauline Oud was born in 1963 in Hilversum, The Netherlands. She has been working as an illustrator for over 20 years now. After her graduation from art school in 1985 she worked as an artist and art teacher for a while before applying her knowledge to her first love; children’s books. 

Before she starts working, she likes to start her days with an hour running to clear her head and think about her drawings. She likes to collect children’s books, because they give her so much inspiration. She currently lives in Utrecht (the Netherlands) with her husband and her two children Roos and Walt. 

Pauline published many successful series and is also working hard on ‘Pauline’s Preschool Project’, a complete learning activity method for playgroups, preschools, kindergartens and at home.



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