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Book cover with an illustration of a brown girl.

No, thank you

Uitgeverij Wilde Haren

Country:  The Netherlands

Original title:  Liever Niet

Original language: Dutch


Age group: 0 - 4

Categories: Illustration.

Inclusive towards: Ability, race, cultural background.

Author: Zarissa Windzak

Illustrator: Simon Bijus


Number of pages: 24


Info on rights holder: Uitgeverij Wilde Haren l

Year of first publication: 2021



In ‘No, thank you’, main character Manoe goes along to Grandma's birthday. That's fun and a bit scary, because there are a lot of people. Fortunately, Manoe's mom and dad are also coming along. The partygoers all want a kiss and a hug from Manoe. Every now and then Manoe thinks ‘No, thank you!’This makes for funny and exciting situations.


‘No, thank you’ teaches children to set their own limits through storytelling.


In addition to the story, the book includes tools for caregivers about touch and boundaries with their child.

Info on the author:

Author Zarissa was born in Paramaribo. She studied journalism and started her career as a journalist at a local newspaper in Suriname. Her affinity lies with writing fictional stories. As a mother of two boys, Zarissa can fully empathize with children's imaginative minds. She gets her main inspiration from the joyous conversations with her eldest son. She also likes to write stories that help children to recognise themselves. She also writes stories that inspire and encourage change. She wrote ‘No, thank you' for Uitgeverij Wilde Haren.    


About Uitgeverij Wilde Haren:

We, D'avellonne van Dijk and Loulou Drinkwaard, founded Uitgeverij Wilde haren in the summer of 2020. We have been involved in representation in stories and illustrations for a long time. D’avellonne from her work as an illustrator and Loulou as a Dutch teacher. With Uitgeverij Wilde Haren, we are committed to equality between white children, children of color and black children. We do this by equalizing the gap between the visibility of white characters in children's books compared to characters of color. We publish children's books with illustrations of main characters with a migration background. This mission is of great importance for the self-confidence and self-image of children of color. To see yourself is to be seen and to recognize yourself is to be recognized. Our books show all children that any child can be a princess, superhero, policeman, cop, or knight, regardless of the child's skin color or background. With this we illustrate that all children are equal and can receive equal opportunities in society.

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