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Country:  UK

Original title: Shadow

Original language: English


Age group: 5 - 7

Categories: Fiction, Illustration.

Inclusive towards: Ability


Author: Lucy Christopher 

Illustrator: Anastasia Suvorova


Number of pages: 40

Format (in mm): 240 x 220



In our old house, Ma told me there was nothing to be scared of. No monsters hiding behind doors, or in wardrobes, or under beds. She said there were no dark places at all. But, in the new house, under my new bed, THAT’s where I found Shadow...

- 'Beautiful. A really powerful exploration of a child’s experience of a parent’s depression. Big and brave' – Nicola Davies, award-winning author

- 'This soft-spoken story can be anything from a simple, lovely, modern fairy tale to a stunning allegory about overcoming fear & how a parent's depression can affect a child' – ALA Booklist

- 'Helpful to any family going through a challenging situation yet hoping for a brighter future' – Youth Services Book Reviews, 5 STARS

Book page with english text and an illustration of a ginger girm in the snowy woods.
Book page with english text and an illustration of a ginger girl in the snowy woods looking at the shadows of heads and paws of different animals that come from behind the trees.
Book page with english text and an illustration of a young ginger girl playing with a shadow-like shape in the attic. A woman by the wall watch them.
Book page with an illustration of a woman walking in the house. She is being observed by a ginger girl and a  black, shadow-shape creature who are sitting on the stairs of the house.

Info on author:

Lucy Christopher is the award-winning author of Stolen, Flyaway, The Killing Woods and Storm-Wake. She is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, UK, where she has a PhD in Creative Writing.


Info on illustrator:

Anastasia Suvorova is an award-winning children’s book illustrator from St Petersburg, Russia. She is the 2018 winner of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Silent Book Contest.

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