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Every Story Matters

B2B Meeting in Frankfurt Book Fair 2021

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As part of the EU-funded project Every Story Matters (ESM), the Slovenian Book Agency organized a B2B networking session for international publishers interested in the exchange of quality books for children and young adults with an emphasis on inclusion.

"The B2B event was a pleasant highlight among all the events at the Frankfurt Book Fair. There is not much I could find about incluision at the Buchmesse. What was striking was that almost all publishers present knew about the initiative beforehand - I am looking forward to this being elevated to a bigger stage, so that even publishers still unfamiliar with the initiative are galvanised into action. The "speed dating" round was a great idea as well. It allowed me to, briefly but intensely, get to know the other publishers, from which new connections have now emerged. If the event takes place again next year, I will definitely be there!"

Publisher Uitgeverij Wilde Haren

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Do you want to know what this project on diversity in children’s literature is all about?

Are you interested in high-quality books from other European countries?

Are you looking for new networking opportunities? 

Are you interested in meeting international publishers and showcase titles and authors you represent?

 What do we mean by inclusive books?

Books, in which the plot, the characters, the illustrations, etc. feature a diverse socio-economic or cultural background, gender, sexual preference, or mental and physical (dis)abilities. By inclusive we mean literature that reflects and honours all readers regardless of their differences, whatever those may be.

Did you know that Every Story Matters is contributing to the Creation of new inclusive stories as well? Learn about our Talent Development Programme, its participants, and their (soon to be published) stories here.




If you have any questions, you can send us an email at

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