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Book cover with an illustration of two happy girls lying in a hammock inside a messy bedroom.

Mio Was There!


Country:  Germany

Original title: Mio war da!

Original language: German


Age group: 5 - 12

Categories: fiction, Illustration.

Inclusive towards: Gender, race, socio-economic background, migrations, cultural background


Author- illustrator: Tanja Székessy


Number of pages: 40

Format (in mm): 190 x 230


Info on rights holder: Klett Kinderbuch

Rights sold: All rights available



Klett Kinderbuch is a small independent German publishing house for children’s books. We are publishing picture books, fiction and entertaining non-fiction titles for children from 2 to 12 years. We focus on topics from children’s realistic everyday life. We try to fill a gap by focusing on subjects, that didn’t find their way into children’s books yet or deal with taboos. Otherwise we are looking for new or original approaches on known subjects. We are looking for edgy, authentic, exciting, entertaining, clever, humours, challenging and thought-provoking books, that don’t shouldn’t be too obviously pedagogical and educational or obsessively politically correct at first glance. 

Book illustration of a gril writing repetitive letters on a notebook and a penguin sitting next to it.


As Class 1f’s cuddle toy, life is never boring for stuffed penguin Mio. Now he is being allowed to spend a night with each of the children in his class!

The experiences are different everywhere he goes. At Hugo’s house, Mio is allowed to watch films all night. Marlon already knows how to fix his own supper. But at the apartment where funny Mayla lives, where there’s lots of hustle and bustle, Mio ends up stuck in her satchel.

Fourteen children, fourteen different worlds. Mio experiences fun-filled evenings, but also witnesses other kinds of interactions. An intriguing tale which will leave you lots to talk about.


Info on the author-Illustrator:

Tanja Székessy was born in 1969 and graduated from the department of visual communication at the Berlin University of the Arts. Among other things she designed and crafted a Swatch clock and a photo book as well as contributed illustrations to many textbooks, magazines and advertising companies. She lives in Berlin with her husband and three children. 

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