In order to stimulate the publication and exchange of inclusive books across Europe, Every Story Matters presents a range of B2B-activities. 


Drop by at one of our B2B or pitching events at the Bologna Children's Book Fair and the Frankfurter Buchmesse, to meet publishers from all around the globe who want to sell or buy rights for inclusive books.


Apart from supporting the creation of inclusive stories, ESM aims to stimulate publishers to become more inclusive by organising a fellowship and developing a charter and toolkit that will offer them effective and sustainable ways to reach writers and illustrators as well as readers from minority groups.

“Unfortunately, due to the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic both in Italy and internationally, both the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2020 and the Frankfurt Book Fair 202 were canceled. At the moment, we are looking into options for an alternative.


In the meantime, we offer a digital B2B alternative, collecting video and text pitches from inclusive titles across the globe.



Connecting publishers interested in pitching, buying and selling inclusive children's books

Fellowship 2020

A 3-day fellowship introducing publishers to the art of inclusive storytelling

Inclusion charter

A dynamic and instructive tool, providing tools for the European book sector to become more inclusive