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Hey Baby

Standaard Uitgeverij

Country: Belgium

Original title: Hey Baby

Original language: Dutch


Age group: 0 - 4

Categories: Illustration

Inclusive towards: Gender, race, cultural background


Authors: Laura Van Bouchout en Monique Melotte

Illustrator: Eva Mouton


Number of pages: 56

Format (in mm): 215 x 310


Info on rights holder: Standaard Uitgeverij


Rights sold: Polish



This calendar offers a piece of inspiration every week to:

- Getting to know each other in a playful way,

- To build a close bond from birth,

- Challenge your baby to move 

You don't need much material for these games. Just skin to skin, eye to eye. And with a sense of humor. Put this calendar in the baby room, take it on vacation or show it to the babysitter. Stimulate your baby's senses and learn to enjoy each other even more in chaos!

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Info on the authors:

About Laura Van Bouchout: 

Laura Van Bouchout commutes with her family between Los Angeles and Leuven. She devises and develops family playbooks. Usually with a child on, between, or under her legs. After the successful Nelson book series that allows toddlers and parents to play together in a qualitative way, she also ventures playing tips for babies, toddlers, and parents.


About Monique Melotte: 

Monique Melotte is a mother of three and a grandmother of nine. And is sometimes referred to as the baby whisperer behind her back. For more than thirty years she has been giving workshops and training courses on movement and

education, often for babies and toddlers.


Info on the illustrator:

Eva Mouton is a Belgian illustrator who draws (a lot) and writes (a little). She lives in Ghent and is becoming a big deal in the Belgian illustrator scene. She has a weekly autobiographical column in De Standaard, one of the most prestigious Belgian newspapers, and has illustrated a boat-load of books.



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