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Book cover with an illustration on a lion on a wheel chair and a butterfly on its paw.

Roggie the Lion Finds Happiness

Založba Pivec

Country: Slovenia

Original title: Lev Rogi najde srečo

Original language: Slovenian


Age group: 5 - 12

Categories: Nonfiction, illustration

Inclusive towards: Ability


Author: Igor Plohl

Illustrator: Urška Stropnik Šonc


Number of pages: 24

Format (in mm): 210 x 297  


Info on rights holder: Založba Pivec d.o.o.,, +38641769706 (Zala Stanonik)

Rights sold: English language (World), Chinese language (World)


The story of Roggie the Lion is the story of a not quite so ordinary lion. After a serious injury to his spine, he finds himself having to use a wheelchair. Facing these new circumstances, he learns the real value of life and how to overcome obstacles that he faced following his accident. The picture book includes an informative photo booklet about the lives of people with disabilities. After falling off a ladder Roggie finds himself having to use a wheelchair and has to face some of the most difficult moments in his life. At first he was terribly sad, he feared that he would never be able to do all the things he enjoyed doing before the accident. He would never be able to drive a car or a bicycle and even doing his job as a teacher, a job that he loved very much, seemed impossible. But slowly, with the help of his friends, the headmaster of the school where he taught, as well as the pupils and their parents, he regained his independence. The headmaster explained to him that he would be happy for a teacher with a disability to teach at the school, while the parents and children organised a charity event to raise money to help their teacher. And his friends, they worked together and bought him a car.

All of these selfless acts motivated and encouraged Roggie to work hard on his exercises and gave him the strength to adapt to his new life in a wheelchair.

Book page with an illustration of a lion on a wheelchair, playing basketball.

Info on the author:

Igor Plohl is a teacher and an author of picture books in which he talks about being disabled. Roggie the Lion, his literary alter ego, came to life when Igor wanted to talk to his students about his painful experience when he had to deal with his new life in a wheelchair following a serious accident. He has also written about his experience dealing with his new situation in the autobiographic story It Can Happen To You!, which he wrote for adult readers.



Info on the illustrator:

Urška Stropnik Šonc is an illustrator who creates various products for children. She stays true to her art form - to simplify illustrations to the basics. Her first book illustration (Rok Poles’ picture book About Three Bats) was published in 1997, and by now, more than 70 illustrated book works (picture books, textbooks, manuals) have been published.


Sales number: 2.000 copies sold



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