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Book cover with an illustration of kids of diferent ethnicities and abilities.

Everyone’s Disabled


Country:  Germany

Original title: Alle behindert

Original language: German


Age group: 5 - 12

Categories: Non-fiction, Illustration.

Inclusive towards: Ability


Author: Horst Klein / Monika Osberghaus (editor) 

Illustrator: Horst Klein


Number of pages: 40

Format (in mm): 217 x 262


Info on rights holder: Klett Kinderbuch

Rights sold: Turkish



Klett Kinderbuch is a small independent German publishing house for children’s books. We are publishing picture books, fiction and entertaining non-fiction titles for children from 2 to 12 years. We focus on topics from children’s realistic everyday life. We try to fill a gap by focusing on subjects, that didn’t find their way into children’s books yet or deal with taboos. Otherwise we are looking for new or original approaches on known subjects. We are looking for edgy, authentic, exciting, entertaining, clever, humours, challenging and thought-provoking books, that don’t shouldn’t be too obviously pedagogical and educational or obsessively politically correct at first glance. 

Book page with german text and illustrations of two characters: Anna and Julien.


Anyone who is reading this is disabled! Yes, even you!

This book brings to an end the bloated distinction between of “challenged” here and “normal” there.

This topic relates to all of us: Anna has Down’s Syndrome, Mareike is academically gifted, Julien is the biggest brown noser that has ever lived, Max is spastic. And while Sofie rolls her wheelchair to the ice cream shop, Vanessa only allows herself to eat a single pickle spear because of her obsession with beauty. This book will introduce you to 25 well-known and popular conditions, including your very own. Anyone who finds themselves frowning in the face of this book suffers from a humor



Info on the author:

Monika Osberghaus, born in 1962, worked for years as a bookseller and journalist. Since 2009, she has been the publisher at the small independent press, Klett Kinderbuch Verlag. Along with her husband Thomas Engelhardt, she has written books about the Wild Dwarves and the Wild School Dwarves, as well as the title In Prison. She lives in Leipzig.

Info on the illustrator:

Born in 1965, Horst Klein spent his formative years in East Frisia before moving to Krefeld in 1989 to pursue his studies in visual communication. Before he could do that though, he had to look up Krefeld in an atlas. He still lives there today with his wife and two children, where he works as an illustrator and a graphic designer.

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