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Book cover with an illustration of two boys. One looks scared, sitting on an armcheir that it is in front on a monster. The second boy stands up confident in front of the chair with one of his legs on top of a case.

How to frighten a monster

KUD Sodobnost International

Country:  Slovenia

Original title: Kako prestrašiti pošast

Original language: Slovenian


Age group: 5 - 12

Categories: Fiction, Illustration.

Inclusive towards: Ability, others

Author: Jana Bauer

Illustrator: Małgorzata Zając


Number of pages: 32

Format (in mm): 21 x 26


Info on rights holder: Publishing house KUD Sodobnost International

Rights sold: Estonian, Macedonian and Croatian


The picture book How to Frighten a Monster has many layers. It speaks about the monster that lives within us and causes problems that seem insurmountable.  It talks about peer violence. And finaly about an adventure of two boys.

Is this monster fat, with only one eye and claws on its paws? Then it is a GROSS monster. They are not very clever and they are mortally afraid of brass bands. When a gross monster is still very small, its mother keeps admonishing it by waving a claw at it: »If you won’t obey, a brass band will come and blow you away!« Here is my advice. Bring your radio, press the third button for a programme on which a brass band is playing, and push the radio under the bed. This should work. Your monster will run away. BUT if it doesn’t then you probably have a tooth monster. They have sharp teeth, horny heads and slimy bodies. They are a nuisance and won’t leave you alone – unless you have a raspberry cough syrup at hand. Toothed monsters simply can’t stand it. They get sick even if they only see a commercial for it. So, try with a large serving spoon and half a litre of raspberry cough syrup. I really hope you will get rid of youR TOOTHED monster. If nothing happens then (I’m sorry to tell you) this must be a FURRY monster. Furry monsters have an evil look, horrible breath and an awkward furry body. They are the most evil, the most wily, the most mordacious of all monsters. Only one thing scares them. The little girl called Lilly, who likes to wash, brush and perfume all kinds of monsters. So tell the monster under your bed, very firmly and very loudly: »Watch out, Lilly’s among us!« If the monster doesn’t fly to the window and open it, if it doesnt’t get lost behind the horizon, if no fearful howling or desperate shouting can be heard, then something is wrong. Terribly wrong. And there is only one thing you can do. YOU NEED TO CALL OTTO!

Funny and witty text with detailed illustrations!

Book page with english text and an illustration of a serious lady in a robe.
Book page with english text and an illustration of two boys checking, what it appears to be, a book on monsters.
Book illustration of two boys. One seems to be hinding himself behind cushions, and the other is handling a controller that appears to make a toy car with an attached spoon move.
Book illustration of an older man and a boy looking around in a big library.

Info on the author:

Jana Bauer is bestselling children’s author. Her books are very funny and her stories have strong and engaging plotlines so there’s no wonder that they are enjoyed by imaginative people of all ages.


Awards in the filed of children's literature;

The Desetnica Award, 2020.


Nominations in the field of children’s literature:

The Večernica Award, 2012, 2003 

The Desetnica Award, 2018, 2012 



Info on the illustrator:

Małgorzata Zając is a Polish illustrator.  She strongly believes that imagination is the most important thing in her art. Her head is always full of all kinds of creatures, imaginary friends, magical worlds and incredible stories. She uses her skills and different techniques to create nonexistent worlds on paper.

Shelves in her workshop are full of beautiful books illustrated by her favourite artists from all over the world. She admires them and learns from them. She hopes that one day her illustrated books will be among favourites on someone else's shelves.


Awards and nominations:

White Ravens Catalog 2019.



Links to media mentions:

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