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Logo of Flanders Literature.

Flanders Literature is an autonomous government institution aiming to facilitate a widely accessible literary landscape and ensuring better visibility for literature from Flanders at home and abroad. Quality, professionalism and diversity are the core values of everything it does and everything it stands for. Flanders Literature supports the publication of translations and literary tours abroad by means of grants, that can be applied for by foreign publishers and festival organisers. In Flanders, Flanders Literature provides grants for authors, illustrators, literary organisations, literary reviews and other initiatives.

Logo of Rose Stories

ROSE stories believes in the power of storytelling. Stories represent different believe systems. Storytelling is the sharing of those belief systems, offering new perspectives on the world as it is. Each story bears the potential to open up a new world as well as a sense of belonging in that world for both storyteller and his or her audience. We find new storytellers in the Netherlands and often they find us. Together we tell stories that create spaces for dialogue. ROSE stories takes the lead by guiding the storyteller’s business, offering new perspectives, unexpected insights and connecting people. In the short period of our existence as an organisation we have managed to successfully publish and produce stories in various forms, among others cookbooks, children's books, theatrical performances and documentaries as well as talent development programs.

Logo of acesso cultura.

Acesso Cultura | Access Culture is a cultural association based in Portugal. Our mission is to promote physical social and intellectul access to cultural participation. We organise training courses, public debates, seminars and an annual conference. We also carry out access audits and consultation in various areas related to access.

Logo of JAK Slovenian Book Agency.

The Slovenian Book Agency (JAK) is a body governed by public law established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. The Agency carries out professional, development and executive tasks related to the implementation of strategic documents and directives in the field of books as well as activities promoting development in the field of books and other tasks in the public interest provided by law. Their purpose is to provide lasting conditions for the development of the field of books and make professional and independent decisions on the selection of programmes and projects financed from the national budget.

Logo of Zagreb Book Festival.

Mediart International was founded in 2014 and has since been actively involved in promotion of books and reading. The most notable achievement are literary projects Europea  and Zagreb Book Festival. The latter has a program dedicated to children. Apart from this, Mediart has been organizing Little Letters. Its main objective is creating positive experience with  literature for children, creating readers of tomorrow and members of more progressive society. As the project is focused on the youngest audience, it's program consists of various interactive socialization with the authors, plays and story readings. Mediart hosted authors such as Sven Nordquist, Ulf Stark, Julia Donaldson and many others. Through its activities, Mediart has established cooperation with various cultural agencies, Ministry of Culture, the City of Zagreb, designers, printers and media. Close cooperation was established with several elementary schools and kinder gardens.

Logo of blue dar.

Bluedar is implementing animation, new-media, and new technology in art and education; it focuses on Edutainment production, publications, games, products, workshops, and events. The edutainment projects of Bluedar are targeting children and young adults in the MENA region and the Arabic speaking communities worldwide, as well as intercultural production. Bluedar is linked with a network of an international team of experts including artists, writers, researchers, educators, and animators. Being a full-service production house, Bluedar provides everything from the idea to the final product or any part of it.

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