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Book cover with an illustration of a pair of legs walking on a light blue ground, projecting a shadow. The bottom of the image contains a sketch of three buildings and a shadow of a lady.

Magic Ring

KUD Sodobnost International

Country:  Slovenia

Original title: Čudežni prstan

Original language: Slovenian


Age group: 5 - 12

Categories: Fiction, Illustration.

Inclusive towards: Ability, others


Author: Peter Svetina

Illustrator: Damijan Stepančič


Number of pages: 32

Format (in mm): 30,3  x 21,7


Info on rights holder: Publishing house KUD Sodobnost International

Rights sold: Estonian, Latvian, Spanish, Polish and Croatian



Famous opera singer, Ljudmila Krasinc, has just moved to the big city and wants to make friends. Real friends with whom she could go on trips and chat into the early hours of the morning. When one day on the banks of Ljubljanica she buys a magic ring, the salesman promises her a miracle. But when she wants to put a ring on her finger it slips from her hand and rolls down the street. Will Ljudmila get the ring back to fill her secret wish or was the salesman just another swindler?


Powerful and detailed illustrations bring a clear ethical message of cooperation and solidarity.

Book illustration of a lady sitting in front of a dresser.
Book illustration of a man getting his hair cut.
Book illustration or a cup sitting on a table with a blue cloth. Some cloud-shaped steam comes out of the cup.
Book illustration of different people dressed in the 19th century style.

Info on the author:

Peter Svetina is regarded as one of the best children’s authors in Slovenia, with a refined feeling for putting into words witty games and skilfully plotted stories. He have received all the important awards for children’s books in Slovenia. In 2020 Peter Svetina was one of the six nominees for Hans Christian Award.


Awards in the field of children’s literature;

The Večernica Award, 2017, 2013, 2017 .

The Kristina Brenkova Original Slovene Picture Book Award, 2008, 2013, 2011.

The IBBY Honour List.


Nominations in the field of children’s literature;

The Večernica Award, 2017 2015, 2011, 2004.

The Kristina Brenkova Original Slovene Picture Book Award, 2016, 2015, 2012, 2011, 2004.

The Hans Christian Andersen Award, 2020 (the shortlist), 2018.



Info on the illustrator:

Damijan Stepančič graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. Soon after completing his studies in painting, his attention was drawn to illustrations as it offers more possibilities for the exploration of different media. Since then the focus of his creative work has been on illustrating for children. His great passion is also drawing comic books. For his illustrations he has received a number of Slovenian and foreign awards.


Awards in the field of children’s literature;

Original Slovene Picture Book Award, 2012.

The IBBY Honour List, 2010

The Levstik Award, 2003.

The Hinko Smrekar Accolade, 2002.

The Hinko Smrekar Special Distinction for Originality, 1999.



Awards and nominations:

The Most Beautiful Picture Book of the Year, Golden Pear, included in White Ravens catalogue, Nomination for Kristina Brenkova Original Slovenian Picture book award.

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