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I Am Brown


Country:  UK

Original title: I Am Brown

Original language: English


Age group: 2 - 5

Categories: Fiction, Illustration.

Inclusive towards: Race


Author: Ashok Banker 

Illustrator: Sandhya Prabhat


Number of pages: 32

Format (in mm): 240 x 220



I am brown. I am beautiful. I am perfect. I designed this computer. I ran this race. I won this prize. I wrote this book. A joyful celebration of the skin you're in - of being brown, of being amazing, of being you.

- 'An empowering book for all children to read and a beautiful reminder about self-love, dreaming big, culture and self-acceptance.' – Here Wee Read

- 'Such a joyful book! A must-have for your shelf, and definitely schools and libraries.' – Bookbairn

'Upbeat and uplifting.' - Kirkus Reviews

- 'A note-perfect hymn about acceptance, pride and belonging' – The Guardian

- 'A total joy to behold. The gorgeous illustrations and story provide a positive mantra for all children of any ethnicity and background – with the central message that you can be anything you want to be, don’t hold yourself back. Highly recommended.' – Emily Drabble, BookTrust

- 'This is not just a book about being brown. This book is fundamentally the voice of every child, and every child is amazing. Simply one of the most joyful books I have seen for a long time. I can’t wait to share it in my library' – Bookmonsters

Book illustration of a brown girl seeing her own reflection in a puddle of water.
Book illustration of several brown skinned children lying on the ground and wearing different kinds of clothing, such as a dress, a suit, and some ethnic clothings.
Book illustration of several brown skinned children doing different activites, such as playing, painting, folding paper into shapes.
Book illustration of several brown skinned children in a praying position and exercising different types of religion.

Info on author:

Ashok Banker is the bestselling and critically acclaimed author of over 60 books which have sold over 3.2 million copies in 21 countries and 61 languages. This is his debut picture book.


Info on illustrator: 

Sandhya Prabhat, an independent animator and illustrator from India, has published nearly a dozen picture books. She also animates videos and designs e-stickers. She has worked on projects for Google, Snapchat, Wechat and Carolina Panthers.

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