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Book cover with an illustration of a cat with a prosthetic leg running on a track.

Roggie and Eddie at the Paralympics

Založba Pivec

Country: Slovenia

Original title: Rogi in Edi na paraolimpijskih igrah

Original language: Slovenian


Age group: 5 - 12

Categories: Nonfiction, illustration

Inclusive towards: Ability


Author: Igor Plohl

Illustrator: Urška Stropnik Šonc


Number of pages: 28

Format (in mm): 230 x 290  


Info on rights holder: Založba Pivec d.o.o.,, +38641769706 (Zala Stanonik)

Rights sold: English language (World), Chinese language (World)


In the first picture book about Roggie, titled Roggie the Lion Finds Happiness, we got to know a not quite so ordinary lion who found himself having to use a wheelchair after being involved in a bad accident. His path to complete independence was a tough one, but thanks to his perseverance, the brave lion made it through and made his life happy again. In the second picture book about this interesting lion’s life, the author decided to focus the story on sport for the disabled, as Roggie is a passionate athlete. Since he’s a keen cyclist who likes to get out as much as possible, Roggie was once again cycling outside one day when he met Eddie, a lynx who was also riding a special bicycle. The bike is made so that you can pedal it with your arms! It turned out that Eddie was the assistant coach for disabled athletes and he was testing out a bike for them. The two became close friends and often went cycling together.


In this story, Roggie tells us all about the Paralympic Games. His friend, a lynx called Eddie who is a coach for disabled athletes, takes him to the venue of the Paralympics and shows him all the special and interesting things about parasports.

Roggie learns about all the many sports, such as goalball and boccia, and finds out that blind athletes can also ski!

Illustration of a cat with a prosthetic leg running on a track. A lion and a cat are rooting for it.

Info on the author:

Igor Plohl is a teacher and an author of picture books in which he talks about being disabled. Roggie the Lion, his literary alter ego, came to life when Igor wanted to talk to his students about his painful experience when he had to deal with his new life in a wheelchair following a serious accident. He has also written about his experience dealing with his new situation in the autobiographic story It Can Happen To You!, which he wrote for adult readers.



Info on the illustrator:

Urška Stropnik Šonc is an illustrator who creates various products for children. She stays true to her art form - to simplify illustrations to the basics. Her first book illustration (Rok Poles’ picture book About Three Bats) was published in 1997, and by now, more than 70 illustrated book works (picture books, textbooks, manuals) have been published.


Sales number: 1.500 copies sold


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