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Book cover with an illustrtion of a brown girl with moose-like antlers wearing a hat on top of one of them.

The Girl with Antlers​

Dixi Books Publishing

Country: UK

Original title: The girl with antlers

Original language: English


Age group: 5 - 8

Categories: Fiction, illustration

Inclusive towards: Migration, gender


Author: Julie Anderson

Illustrator: Jimmy Ramirez


Number of pages: 32

Format (in mm): 250 x 250  


Info on rights holder: Dixi Books Publishing

Rights sold: Turkish, Korean, Chinese​



What is the one thing you least expect to experience when you wake up in the morning? Waking up on the kitchen table? Waking up to find out that you wetted your bed? No, no! Emma’s situation is a little different. One morning, Emma wakes up to find that something unimaginable has happened to her. There are bumps on both sides of her head, and soon they grow into antlers like seeds growing into a plant! She needs to find out how this difference will make her “cooler.” 


The Girl with Antlers is the story of a child who faces the thing that makes her different and comes to accept it. At first, Emma won’t leave the house because of the antlers that have grown on her head. However, her

grandpa’s wise words make her change her mind. This is a story that makes us question what is ‘normal’ and tells us how our differences can transform us into more colourful and compassionate people.



Info on the author:

Julie Anderson is the oldest of 7 children and has always loved writing and poetry. She recalls her mother being concerned that she read so much, she never came out of her room. As a youth worker for children with special needs, Julie has been around children her whole life. She really enjoys entertaining them with her silly rhymes

and made up stories. 

Julie has 3 daughters which have inspired her to publish books for younger children.  She is now in demand as a speaker in many schools nationally. She loves to combine those presentations with music and dance, her two favourite hobbies.



Info on the illustrator:

Jimmy from Guatemala has a passion for illustration and character design. From an early age, his art has been influenced by animated series, comics, books, manga, and video games. Since childhood, he’s dreamed of immersing himself in graphic expressions, of showing his work to the world, and communicating the ideas that are in his head.




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