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Book cover with an illustration of a brow boy looking ahead and a brown girl on her profile looking up.

Sala and Monk
Us Together


Country: The Netherlands

Original title: Sala en Monk. Ons samen

Original language: Dutch


Age group: 8 - 12

Categories: Fiction, illustration

Inclusive towards: Migration, race, cultural background, alternative families


Author: Neske Beks

Illustrator: Hedy Tjin


Number of pages: 176

Format (in mm): 170 x 240


Info on rights holder: Querido Children's Books

Luciënne van der Leije (

You can view a translation sample here or by contacting the publisher at the email-address above.

Dutch bookseller Emanuel Querido had been publishing books since 1903, but did not found his publishing house until 1915. Throughout the years, Querido has specialized in high-quality Dutch fiction, non-fiction and poetry. 

Querido has been publishing children’s books since 1971, specializing in picture books and quality fiction for all age groups. Querido publishes 50 to 60 new children’s books yearly, mostly by Dutch and Flemish authors (75% of the books on the list were written in Dutch). Among them are many award winning and classic writers and illustrators, like Annie M.G. Schmidt, Guus Kuijer, Toon Tellegen, Bart Moeyaert, Simon van der Geest, Annet Schaap, Marit Törnqvist, Edward van de Vendel and Anna Woltz. Foreign authors and illustrators whose work has recently been published by Querido are Timothée de Fombelle, Cornelia Funke, Nicola Yoon, Shaun Tan, M.G. Leonard, Rebecca Stead, R.J. Palacio and Marianne Dubuc.

Info about author:

Neske: 'Every story needs its own medium. That's why I call myself rather a storyteller than a filmmaker, theatre-maker, coach, singer or writer. Essay always seems to be the core’.

Neske Beks (1972, Belgium) works as an interdisciplinary artist with a base in theatre, literature, film and music. She works mainly as director in documentary and theatre and writes novels and essays. Her first novel The Kleenex Chronicles appeared in 2014 and was very well received in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Neske debuted in documentary with Eigen Volk in 2011, a documentary about the racist/right wing part of her mixed-race family. Mookie, her most hybrid-documentary so far premiered at Idfa 2012, travelled all over the world and won Best Documentary prices in Mexico (La Matatena,2013) and in Italy (Sedicicorto, 2013).

Sala and Monk – Us Together (Querido 2020) is her first children’s book.

Info about illustrator:

Hedy Tjin is an illustrator and graphic designer. Besides a fascination for patterns and designs, the influence of cultural and ethnic subjects is also present in her work. Tjin has spent quite some time in Suriname, her father's country of birth. Since then her work has become much more colorful. In addition to her free work, she makes illustrations for among other things Volkskrant, Trouw, VPRO, next to that, she also does murals often.

Book illustration of two brown hands holding each other going through a long and somewhat dark tunnel.
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