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Dwaallicht met illustrator LO RES.jpg

Daughter of Oberon

Dutch Venture Publishing

Country:  Netherlands

Original title: Dwaallicht

Original language: Dutch 


Age group: 8 - 16

Categories: Fiction, graphic novel.

Inclusive towards: Gender, sexuality, cultural background.

Author: Jen Minkman

Illustrator: Bibi van Leeuwen


Number of pages: 126

Format (in mm): 148 x 210


Info on rights holder: Dutch Venture Publishing / Jen Minkman

Year of first publication: 2022

Rights sold: All rights available


'I have waited for this moment for five years, and now that I’m here, the memories of a brighter and more carefree time assail me without mercy. I park the car by the side of the road, close to the path leading into the vast woods, and take a deep breath. Will she be there? Will I still be able to find Ester? Or has she forgotten me and have I missed my chance?'


Fenna stays with her grandmother in the Czech Republic every summer. When she meets a mysterious girl in the woods who doesn't seem quite of this world, she can't help but befriend the mysterious Ester and lose her heart to the girl. But does her budding crush have a chance when she and Ester live in two different worlds..?


Info on the author:

Jen Minkman (1978) was born in the Netherlands and lived in Austria, Belgium and the UK during her studies. She learned how to read at the age of three and has never stopped reading since. Her favorite books to read are YA paranormal/fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian and romance, and this is reflected in the stories she writes. In her home country, she is a trade-published author of YA fiction. Across the border, she is a self-published author. Her books are available in many languages including English. She made the USA Today bestseller list in August 2017 as one of the authors in the 'Shattered Worlds' YA fantasy collection.



Info on the illustrator:

 Bibi van Leeuwen is a 20-year-old illustrator from Houten, The Netherlands, who currently studies Illustrated & Animated storytelling at the AKV ST. Joost in Den Bosch.


Publishing house:

Dutch Venture Publishing cares about fresh and original stories celebrating diversity written by local authors. We strive to make at least 60% of our portfolio publications written by Dutch or Flemish writers and started a graphic novel imprint in 2022, of which this original tale is a part.

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