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During their participation in the Talent Development Programme of Every Story Matters, six talented writers and illustrators develop inclusive stories. To help them with this, we offer a series of online masterclasses between May and November 2020. These masterclasses are given by experts in inclusive storytelling, who share their knowledge and experiences with the participating talents.

Interested in viewing the online masterclasses? On this page, we will share them with you.


Online Masterclass 

By Mylo Freeman

(Writer and illustrator of children’s books)

29 May 2020

How to tell stories
to children


How perspective shapes your story

Online Masterclass 

By Neske Beks

(Writer and director) 

1 July 2020


Inclusive Minds 

Online Masterclass 

By three ambassadors of Inclusive Minds 

2 September 2020


The impact of reading and storytelling to children

Online Masterclass 

By Winny Ang

(Child and youth psychiatrist, writer)

30 September 2020


Transmedia storytelling

Online Masterclass 

By Špela Frlic 

(Performance storyteller and artistic pedagog)

28 October 2020


The business side of inclusive storytelling

Online Masterclass 

By Alice Curry  

(Founder and CEO of publishing house Lantana)

25 November 2020

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