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Picture of Alice Curry.

The business side of inclusive storytelling

Online Masterclass 

By Alice Curry  

(Founder and CEO of publishing house Lantana)

25 November 2020

How do publishers work? What do they look for in children’s books and how can you increase your chances of having your work published as a writer and/or illustrator? Alice Curry shares her experiences and provides exclusive insights into the business side of inclusive storytelling. 


Alice Curry is the founder and CEO of Lantana, an award-winning publishing house and social enterprise shortlisted for the Bologna Prize for Best European Children's Publisher of the Year, the Clarissa Luard Award for Independent Publishing, the National Children's Book Award Regional Small Press of the Year and the Skoll Venture Award for Social Enterprise. A former academic lecturer and freelance editor, Alice holds a Ph.D. in children’s literature, has published regularly in international journals, and is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences across Europe. Passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship in publishing, Alice has commissioned award-winning inclusive children's books by book creators from almost thirty countries celebrating diversity, social equality, and environmental sustainability. Alice was the 2017 winner of the Kim Scott Walwyn Prize for women in publishing.


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