How to tell stories

to children

Online Masterclass 

By Mylo Freeman

(Writer and illustrator of children’s books)

29 May 2020

The topic of this online masterclass is: How to tell stories to children. From the perspective of both a writer and illustrator, Mylo Freeman discusses the structure and storyline of different types of picture books. She shows how she brings characters to life and shares some of her sketches and storyboards. This online masterclass offers unique insights into the creative process of a successful and experienced storyteller.

The masterclass by Mylo Freeman will only be available online over the course of July 2020 and is only accessible with a password. If you would like to view the masterclass during this month, please send an email to (before 30 July 2020). We will send you the password in reply. 

Mylo Freeman is a Dutch/American writer and illustrator of children's books. She has published around 60 picture books with diverse characters, among them her famous series about Princes Arabella, a little black princess. This series has led to several theatre plays, dolls, and an app. Her work has been rewarded with different prizes and is published in 12 different countries.