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Picture of Neske Beks.

How perspective shapes your story

Online Masterclass 

By Neske Beks

(Writer and director) 

1 July 2020

How do you make a choice between fiction and non-fiction, between first and third-person singular, and between different media (for example, a book, theatre, film, or documentary) to tell your story?

Neske Beks works as a multi-disciplinary artist with a base in theatre, literature, film, and music. She works mainly as a writer and as a director in documentary and has written theatre plays, fiction (film and literature), non-fiction, and essays. Her first children’s book Sala en Monk will be published in the summer of 2020 at Querido. Her children's documentary Mookie (2012) premiered at IDFA and toured around the world and won prizes in Mexico and Italy. 

You can watch some excerpts of Neske's masterclass below:


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