Transmedia storytelling

Online Masterclass 

By Špela Frlic 

(Performance storyteller and artistic pedagog)

28 October 2020

Many famous storytelling traditions in the world developed storytelling forms that combine words and pictures (e.g., Kamishibai in Japan, Kalamkari in India) or words with simple drawing or animation (e.g., in sand in African and Australian deserts and in snow in Antarctica). Contemporary storytellers can learn from these traditions and use the advantages of modern technology to successfully invite listeners into their stories. We know that the combination of storytelling and live projection of (perhaps simply animated) illustrations is a great way of promoting picture books or reading. In this masterclass, Špela Frlic will focus on various forms of life storytelling.



Neske Beks works as a multi-disciplinary artist with a base in theatre, literature, film, and music. She works mainly as a writer and as a director in documentary and has written theatre plays, fiction (film and literature), non-fiction, and essays. Her first children’s book Sala en Monk will be published in the summer of 2020 at Querido. Her children's documentary Mookie (2012) premiered at IDFA and toured around the world and won prizes in Mexico and Italy.