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Staša Guček

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‘Sentinels’ describes the life cycle of an endangered Apollo mountain butterfly. It is set in the Slovenian mountain meadows. Amid a group of Apollos, one emerges with damaged wings. As the frightening night closes in, she is surrounded by peculiar creatures. However, these creatures are not there to hurt her: moths encircle her and project beautiful patterns in the night sky as the firefly light reflects on their wings and the flower spider sews the butterfly’s damaged wings with silky threads. The next day the butterfly flies into the day without any concerns, but unfortunately the summer weather in the mountains is very unpredictable. Apollo protects the eggs from a storm with her new wings. The life cycle continues.

Discover the English sample of 'Sentinels' at the bottom of this page. 

Check out the book trailer for Staša's'Sentinels' below: 

‘Staša is working on a silent book. In spectacular progress, individual illustrations have become an artistic and interesting story. When you have such illustrations, no words are needed.’

Pavle Učakar, Staša’s mentor

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About the author

Staša Guček creates connections between different fields of art, technology and sound. She floats between scientific and imaginary illustration, analogue electronics, bioacoustics and field recordings, and develops affinity and care for the world of insects and fragile ecosystems. She is currently developing custom stand-alone analogue electronic instruments and mentoring DIY soldering workshops. Staša is

a member of an experimental musical collective called Kikimore, which creates ambient noise soundscapes.

Other Information

Title: Sentinels

Author: Staša Guček

Illustrations: Staša Guček

Print lenght: 32 pages 

Age: 2+

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