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Keynote speaker Carla Oliveira: towards bibliodiversity in picture books

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Photo portrait of Carla Oliveira.
Carla Oliveira - (c) Luis Mileu.

We are glad to introduce you to Carla Oliveira, who will take off with the first keynote speech of the day at our conference Every Story Matters/Cada Historia Cóntaon 19 November.

Carla Oliveira currently manages Orfeu Negro editions, a Lisbon-based independent publishing house, which she founded in 2007. Orfeu Negro is dedicated to the publication of essays in the fields of contemporary arts and gender studies, as well as illustrated books for children (Orfeu Mini collection). Featuring award-winning artists such as Peter Brown and Catarina Sobral, “Orfeu Mini” brings the best of storytelling and illustrating to its readers around the world. “Casimiro”, its most recent series of illustrated books for adults, is a collection of provocative and unique work.

Perhaps you’ve already had the chance to meet Carla Oliveira or her publishing house at book fairs, international illustration festivals, children's books events or seminars. In April 2019, Orfeu Negro received the Prize for Best European Children's Publisher at the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna for the relevance of its work with the Orfeu Mini collection.

During her keynote speech, Carla will share her knowledge and inspiration on bibliodiversity in picture books. Are you also looking forward to hearing more about her experience live in Lisbon? Then make sure not to miss our conference and file your registration here! We hope to see you there!

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