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My Neighbour Is a Ninja 

Najiba Abdellaoui

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On a hot summer night Alif spots a mysterious figure prowling around in the dark. On closer inspection she recognizes her neighbour khalti Mina’s special sneakers. Could her neighbour be a… ninja?

Together with her friends Dahir and Taruh, Alif decides to follow her neighbour. But not before they take a course on how to be a ninja. What follows is a journey through the night in which they encounter not only all sorts of night creatures but also their own fears and strengths. As they discover their neighbour’s secret children learn that not everything is what it seems…

Discover the English sample of 'My Neighbour Is a Ninja at the bottom of this page. 

‘It was an immense pleasure to see the mystery around the ninja neighbour develop and to witness the small miracles that Najiba accomplished with every re-write. A very enjoyable process!’

Edward van de Vendel, Najiba’s mentor


About the author

Najiba Abdellaoui is a Moroccan-Dutch poet, writer and communications professional. It was hip-hop that first inspired her to explore her voice as a writer. This led to many stories, national and international spoken word performances and workshops where she encourages youngsters to unravel the stories they carry within them. The power of self-expression and what it can do for young people’s sense of identity, self-confidence and emancipation continues to amaze and motivate her to explore the world of storytelling further.

Other Information

Title: My Neighbour Is a Ninja 

Author: Najiba Abdellaoui 

Illustrations: Kris Lauwen

Print lenght: 136 pages 

Age: 7+

Edition: Hardcover

Publication date: June 2023. 

Publisher: ROSE Stories. & BaaB Publishing

Translation rights: 

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