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Lana's School 

Mirna Brođanac

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Lana is a shy, intelligent and curious little girl who really wants to fit in and be like the other children in her class. On the first day of school, Lana and her classmates, with the help of a patient and dedicated teacher, learn that differences don’t have to be an obstacle to true friendship.


‘Lana’s School’ is a story about the importance of family support and the need for love and self-realization that is present in all of us from an early age. It teaches us that wonderful things await us on the other side of fear.

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"Lana’s School’ is one of those books that changes readers and their view of the world: they make the reader a little better and their world much bigger. It would be wonderful to have it read by every child, parent and teacher."

Olja Savičević Ivančević, Mirna’s mentor


About the author

Mirna Brođanac was born in 1992 in Slavonski Brod, in the east of Croatia. She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb with

a Master’s in Comparative Literature and Croatian Language and Literature. In July 2019, Mirna participated in a creative writing workshop led by Canadian-Croatian writer Josip Novaković. Her stories were published in the electronic journal of the Croatian writer Miljenko Jergović ‘The Eiffel Bridge’ and in the printed journal of the Istrian branch of the Croatian Writers’ Association ‘New Istria’.

Other Information

Title: Lana's School

Author: Mirna Brođanac

Illustrations: Ivana Guljašević 

Print lenght: 36 pages 

Age: 8-11

Edition: Hardcover

Publication date: May 2022. 

Publisher: Ljevak publishing

Translation rights:  

Naklada Ljevak (

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