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Confused Much?

Manaf Alattar 

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‘Confused Much?’ is the story of Corey, a fearless kid full of energy and blessed with love and support around him who is trying to understand what’s going on in his mind.



Corey teleports from one world to another in his dreams. During his mind trip he crosses paths with many creatures trying to help him understand himself and to find out how to get home. But what if he never left home? What is real and what is not?

Discover the English sample of 'Confused Much?' at the bottom of this page. 

Check out the book trailer for Manaf's 'Confused Much' below: 

‘I am very impressed by the diverse forms of expression Manaf uses. I like his unconventional approach. And I hope I have been able to support him and can continue to do so.’

Heike Herold, Manaf’s mentor

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About the author

Manaf Alattar is a Syrian artist based in Berlin. He started drawing at a young age, inspired by music and by life around him. Back in Syria, Manaf studied Graphic Design. He then moved to Istanbul where he started his career, before ending up in Berlin, his current main residence.

Initially, Manaf focused on doing his own kind of art-dark doodles, tribal art and illustrations were among the mixed techniques he developed over the years.

During his first few years in Berlin, he collaborated with different art collectives, performed live drawing, and exhibited his art at Germany’s biggest music festivals such as Fusion, Lollapalooza, Bucht der Träumer and some underground techno raves. He also co-founded the art and music collective ‘Schabernack’ together with some of his friends.


Manaf is currently working as a freelance designer. He designs and demonstrates his artwork through embroidery on clothes for ‘nopo1n. by Vaptized’, and is a graphic designer as part of the nopo1n. team.

Other Information

Title: Confused Much? 

Author: Manaf Alattar

Illustrations: Manaf Alattar

Print length: 40 pages 

Age: 11-14

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