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The Duel 

Inês Viegas Oliveira 


In an old, cold country, two men have been arguing for so  long they can’t remember what they’re fighting about. In order  to put a stop to their fight, they call a duel. Starting together,  back to back, they will have to walk one hundred steps before  turning and firing.  

The reader follows one of them as the counting of the  footsteps takes place. With each step a new sign of life appears  in front of the character. Suddenly he feels lost in the world.  Will he turn back to fight, or will he forgive and forget?  

We visually accompany him in his journey through snowy  pages that are gradually filled with trees, flowers, animals,  buildings, skyscrapers and many different people. The mono chromatic shapes grow into free and organic brush strokes as  the anger gives way to a sense of peace and forgiveness.  

This book is for all ages and shows us that the different kinds  of beauty in the world can help us turn angry feelings and  disagreements into peace, affection and forgiveness. 

From the very beginning, I loved the idea behind this book. Physical violence and war are indeed stupid things and the world badly needs us to devote our attention to other matters. 

Isabel Minhós Martins, Inês’ mentor


About the author

Inês Viegas Oliveira was born in 1995, in the sunny  southern city of Tavira, Portugal. In an old tape  

recorded by her father, she incessantly repeats to the  camera “and now, what should I do?”. She has  

a Bachelor’s in Physics and an interrupted Master’s  

in Mathematics. In 2019, she earned a post graduate  degree in Illustration. In the following years, Inês was recognised by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, and  has been exhibiting all over the world, from Portugal to  Japan.  

She still questions everything, but now she occasionally  stops to draw, moving between words and images.

Check out the book trailer for Inês' 'The Duel' below: 

Other Information

Title: The Duel 

Author: Inês Oliveira 

Illustrations: Inês Oliveira 

Pages: 56 pages 

Age: 6+ 

Publisher: Planeta Tangerina 

Translation rights:  

Carin Bacho (

Catharina Lantz ( 

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